Sunday, May 31, 2009

Savannah Rosannadanna

We're in Savannah Georgia! This morning we attended church (ours) and then headed for historic Savannah--a beautiful section brimming with heritage and charm. The city was founded in 1733 by General James Oglethorpe who had the vision to plan 24 squares (parks with a fountain or statue in the center). Today we took a trolley city tour and then retraced steps to our favorite square. This one had a huge fountain (as you can plainly see!).

A view of the city and the shipping waterfront.

Spanish Moss is hanging from the trees all over the city. The Live Oak trees are beautiful and some of them are 400 years old. When Sherman's Army overtook the city during the Civil War, his men cut down all (except a few) of the trees to use as firewood during the 2 month capture. Years later a group planted thousands of oaks as replacements and now the city is beautiful with old, stately trees providing shade and a canopy over every city street. The Magnolia trees are beautiful as well, in full bloom today!

Stately mansions are everywhere. We really liked this one.
After such a fun day, it was hard to leave but alas, Romania awaits. Wait a minute, ROMANIA????? We skip blissfully along on our trip until it hits us and we say, "ROMANIA, WHAT THE HECK!"
We're starting to wrap our arms around the idea and actually feel excited (sort of like, "I'm excited about bungee jumping" exited.) Our children have been very supportive with encouraging pats on the head. Logan scanned the first page of the mission call and emailed it to us and when we read the full page over the signature of President Monson, we are humbled and thrilled for the experience that awaits us.

Tomorrow, Charleston, South Carolina!


  1. Jolee will be so jealous when I show her this post. It was her dream to serve in Savannah, but the mission president knew better :-)

  2. Looks so cool. Can't wait to see more pics of you guys going up the coast. Love, JB