Monday, June 1, 2009

Charleston is more than a dance

Charleston, South Carolina is our kind of city. There's plenty to do, beaches and of course, great food! For those blog viewers who know and love Denny, you'll appreciate these pictures of a man who truly loves his ribs, so to speak. Sticky Fingers is a great restaurant here in Charleston and we both enjoyed it to the max!

Yes, Denny...I'm taking pictures!

The assortment of sauces makes each bite a different experience.

Sticky fingers, sticky cheeks, sticky chin...

Sticky forehead. Actually, so much good, spicy food brings out the sweat on the top of his head.

Also in Charleston are beautiful old homes with porches to die for.

Did I say old? Like built in 1785 and beyond.

We both loved looking at these homes. You can take a couple out of real estate but you can't take real estate out of the couple. These homes sell for upwards of 5 million!

Now, that's a Piazza!

Here we are at the water's edge. An aircraft carrier was in port, believe me.

Charleston's version of Riverfront Park. The kids were loving it. We almost joined them. It is so dang hot here!

While waiting for a light to change, I noticed this telephone pole with it's collection of gum. No, I did NOT make a deposit!

A carriage tour is the best way to see a city. Luckily it has a shade which brought the temperature down to 95 degrees.

I'm getting really good at setting up timed photography, don't you agree?
At the end of the day we drove a few miles out of town to Sullivan Beach where we walked and sat a spell. As you can see, we are having a blast! In a month we'll be back in Spokane doing normal things like grocery shopping, weeding, dishes, getting stuck in traffic etc. For now, this is our life. Sorry if I'm making you sick!


  1. Why not set up a satelite R.E. office there and you could "help" people get into those marvelous houses. Love the beach shot. I remember an evening on the east side of the Sea of Galilee... Sorry you're hot. I'm hot and it's only 80! (Romania will be better :-)!) Love you.

  2. Hey Mom and Denny! I love the ten-second timer beach shot. I can imagine you hitting the button and scrambling into your chair only to strike a relaxed pose for the shutter. Hilarious. That place looks really cool. I can taste the ribs. So what is it: Rudy's or Sticky Fingers?

  3. I'm not really that jealous, because your vacation pictures remind me a lot of my life. Okay, maybe only the sticky-forehead-after-a meal picture.

  4. Hey where are you guys??? Hello? Hello? Testing 1-2-3. Testing.