Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pina Colada Heaven

Twenty years ago I had what I consider the best Pina Colada in my life on a cruise ship. Every one I've had since, I compare to to that Pina Colada on the deck of the Song of America. (Did I say Virgin Pina Colada? Clear that up before we move on.) That is, until now. We now have a new standard...the Key West Pina Colada. It is so sweet and so creamy and so delicious!

. . . followed closely by a key lime float. It is fresh key lime juice with ice and lime sherbet.

This is the lobby of our hotel, the La Concha Crown Plaza. It was built in 1925 and is famous because Harry Truman stayed there. Whoopee!

We got crazy and rented a moped for a few hours so we wouldn't have to walk forever in 95 degree weather. We got a lot of touring done!

First stop, Ernest Hemingway's house. We took the tour and loved it.

This is where Ernest wrote a lot of his books. I could get the writing bug if I had a studio like this and the view out his window for inspiration.

He loved cats and there are 47 of them roaming around. They all have 6 toes. Freaky.

Next stop was Mel Fisher's Maritime Museum. In the 1600's a Spanish gallion sunk near Key West and in 1983 Mel Fisher and his son's and others discovered it and brought the bounty to the surface. It was facinating.

Denny is lifting a gold bar like those discovered.

We ate our cheese and crackers lunch in this park.

Across the street were 2 parked busses. Look closely and you will see what makes these tours so fun! (the drivers were sacked out for a nap!) Now that's a fun tour!

Four Corners and now this!

I made Denny pose for this.

We have not missed a play-off game yet. This one was in a bar on a pier. Go Lakers!

A fitting end to a long day is Denny under a water fountain. The pool water is 95 degrees, I swear!
I hope your are not exhausted looking at our lame pictures. I just didn't want you to think we're lolling around some beach somewhere but that we're actually being sightseeing maniacs! Tomorrow we'll leave and head up the coast of Florida, on our way to Orlando.
Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog. It just might have some mission call news! According to Bishop Rands, our call was mailed from Salt Lake on May 22nd!


  1. Man, we are going to Key West. That place looks awesome! You guys are doing this right! And that hotel. I can't believe how nice it looks. I hope you get called to the Florida Key West-East Mission, so we can come visit.

    President Palmer asked me on Sunday if you didn't want to do a "stay-at-home mission" with him. I told him probably not, since you're excited to go to someplace exotic--like Minot, ND.

    I can't wait for the Kennedy Space Center pics. I've always wanted to see it. And I can't wait for the mission call!

    My guess: England Manchester.

    Love, JB

  2. It looks to be a WONDERFUL trip! I'm so glad you're having fun. It's hard to look at your looks so empty, and we miss you! Can hardly wait for the mission posting :-)

    We haven't met your "dwellers." We keep trying to figure out what's going on over there?!?

    The VT message this month, is "Beware of the Baptists!"