Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Do we have an island for you?

So far, we have thoroughly enjoyed Florida. Our skin feels soft, people are happy, it's green, it's clean. The downside is, IT'S WET! The rain has yet to slow us down and as you can see in these pictures, it's sunny sometimes! All the thundershowers have put the muggy dial off the charts (my chart, anyway). For all the people who think retiring here is a great idea...they haven't been to San Diego, or Phoenix, or Flagstaff, or Spokane!

We traveled from Crystal River to St. Petersburg yesterday, stopping at Tarpon Springs to learn
how sponges are harvested. This little village is a Greek community and it was fun to walk around.

We had been told by a waitress (we learn a ton just by talking to everyone) that a beach not to miss is Clearwater. It was sunny and very warm and the sand was white and fine and beautiful, unmatched only by the crystal blue water. As we were traveling later that evening, we heard there had been a shark attack at Clearwater Beach. Did I say the water was like Mexico (85-90 degrees!)?
Look at those thunderheads ready to thunder-head us right to our car so we can get moving down the road!

Sponges, harvested and ready for market.

We went to an aquarium where we were lucky enough to watch the shark feeding extravaganza. Now I'm sure I don't want to Scuba dive!

Denny made me pose for this picture. Just wait 'til we pass a "Denny's"!
Now it's off to Pine Island and a KOA which sounds dreamy.

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  1. that looks absolutely beautiful! how fun. I would like to retire now.