Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Key Largo, Jamaica, Oooo I want to take ya. . .KEY WEST!!!!

Denny and I decided we'd pinch each other today just to bring this to a reality. Are we really in Key West and are we really dancing in a bar?

We arrived here this afternoon after a long drive from Ft. Meyers and a visit to a little-known beach (actually an island) called Sanibel. We spent the morning beach combing as there are millions of shells, and more brought in with every tide. We loved it. Then, off to Key West which turned out to be a 4 hour drive.

Of course, the thing to do is head for Mallory point to watch the sunset, which we did. It was fantastic and a camera does not do it justice.

Any sunset watch is complete with a virgin Pina Colada. The Best!

Our crazy restaurant where we had a delicious Hog Fish dinner. (Honest)

Can you believe we did this? We are retired and almost missionaries, for heaven's sake!

I just thought I'd throw this in as the last picture of the day. After getting gas in Ft. Meyers today I tried to sit down and stopped short and took this picture instead. We have been reduced to traveling in pure disorganization and downright filth. How do I sit in this place and not clean it up? Easy, we're on vacation and we're having a blast and we don't give a rip!
We'll be staying 2 days in Key West because it's such a happenin' place (and we're loving it!).


  1. Virgin pina coladas and a beautiful sunset are the best ever!

  2. Oh man! What a trip! I can only imagine. Take lots of pictures. Looks like a blast.

  3. So glad you are loving Florida. That sunset looks as good as one we saw in Israel. Told you the car would get out of control!

  4. Loved the Hogs Breath picture :-)