Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Park Rats in the Southwest

Call us crazy but last night we stayed in this cozy cabin in a KOA outside Bryce Canyon. It looked so fun but my walk to the bathroom at 2:20am, readjusting the mattresses at 3:00am and showering without a towel took the fun out! Now I know why the hand dryers at rest stops have a swival shoot. It's great for the whole body!

We hiked the hardest trail this morning in Bryce Canyon. It was the Queens Garden/Navajo loop combo. Over 3 miles UP and DOWN (each way 600 vertical ft.) It was spectacular and a little scary. Look at the blue sky. Eat your heart out, Spokane!
Lazin' at the Lodge in Zion!
We intended to do the "Narrows" but the water level closed it for 2 weeks. Instead, we hiked to a dripping wall and pool near the Zion Lodge. This is beautiful country. We have met some interesting travelers--mostly from Europe. Denny speaks to everyone! I just walk!

Tomorrow: The Grand Canyon
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  1. Beautiful pics. Those hikes sound amazing. We cannot wait to see y'all next week.

  2. I think you just yell "ACHTUNG!" as you pass them and they'll move to the side. LOve, JB

  3. Looks beautiful and warm. I can't wait to hear more about the towel-less shower. You know that things like that only happen to you, right?