Saturday, May 23, 2009

New name for the Gulf Coast: The Gulp Coast

Here we are on the Gulp Coast, named aptly because you can breathe and swallow water simultaniously. A "Big Gulp" has taken on new meaning. Maybe it's all the rain (it has rained parts of every day since leaving New Orleans) but, my oh my, it's muggy! We had a restful day today just meandering down Mississippi to the gulf and then working our way along the coast. We stopped to walk along a white sand beach in Gulf Port, Mississippi.

I'm wearing my Croc's because there are about a billion jelly fish that wash up with every wave.
With some bread we stashed from the free breakfast and the jelly we also stashed from the free breakfast, we made delicious PB&J's. (We had the peanut butter!) The perfect lunch for the beach!

We took a backroad and ran into this fruitstand. Yes, we bought some peaches and ate them-- skin and all, until the juice ran down our chins.

We walked out on a pier and watched Billybob fish with a net. Moments before, Billybob's brother, Mo caught a 15 pounder in this net.


And there you have it. We have been in 11 states (counting Washington) since leaving almost a month ago. Tomorrow we'll start our coastline tour around Florida--all the way to the Keys.


  1. Seriously, was his name really "Billybob"? It's too perfect.

  2. I love how Billy Bob is just soaked. I totally want a net like that for the next time we go to the lake.