Monday, May 18, 2009

What's a Crawdad?

Today we left the security of the Selden Ranch and struck off into the southern wilderness of Louisiana. Before we officially left Texas, we impulsively pulled off the expressway and had one last taste of Texas barbque. I just had to get a picture of the locals doing the lunch thing. We just love stopping at out-of -the-way joints like this. When the camera flashed, everyone looked up and outside for a glimpse of lightning. Sneaky!

Tonight we're in a wonderful hotel in Lafayette, Louisiana -- Marriott Courtyard. Thanks Jon and Suzette for your Priceline skills! Tomorrow we head for New Orleans and 2 nights at a 4 star Marriott, again, thanks to Jon and Suzette. Beats the heck out of a KOA! I left my laptop charger in Jonathan's den so this battery will have to do until FedEx comes through in New Orleans. Bound to happen, right? Stay tuned. Weather beautiful...not a bit muggy...yet.

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