Saturday, May 30, 2009

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our mission call was just delivered to Julia via a second pass from the mailman. He said it had gotten lost in his stack (you think?). So... drum roll please....

"You have been called to the Romania Welfare Humanitarian Country Office as the Country Director. You will serve for 18 months and report to the MTC on Sept. 14, 2009."

Our chins are on the floor. Now, stop laughing!


  1. Hey, you can't leave yet! This is SO exciting! Haven't caught Neal and Jackie at home yet . . .

  2. Have you regained your ability to breathe yet? Logan and I kept saying last night, "Romania! I can't believe they're going to Romania!"

  3. We're so excited for y'all! That will be so cool.

  4. You guys are amazing examples. Thanks for everything. You will love your mission. Love, JB