Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Big Easy

For my valued readers who have been to New Orleans, you'll understand this blog entry completely. There is just no way to describe what we've seen without a personal background. We arrived on Tuesday and spent 2 nights at the French Quarter Marriott. It was a great hotel and we loved being so close to the action. We loved the plush bedding, fluffy towels, view. You can have the $15/day internet connection charge, and the $30/day parking. This is why I am writing from Jackson Mississippi. and a cozy Quality Inn where WiFi is free! I am more like my mother than like Doug and I'll wait days for the free WiFi.
For a couple of old codgers, I would say we did just about everything we wanted to do. Jonathan and Suzette helped us with a to-do list before we left them on Monday and we tried to make them proud. As we left this morning, we did a walking tour through the Garden District, where beautiful mansions make you gawk. It was a fitting finale. Enjoy the pictures.

Our room. Unfortunately, I saw more of it than I wanted to as I came down with some sort of swamp fever. I can't quite shake it even now. Luckily, it hit on our second day after we had seen and done most everything. Being sick on vacation is no fun!

This is a dude on the Mississippi who sang a love song in my face. Denny bought his CD! We also met 3 girls from Spokane dipping their feet in the Mississippi. Crazy small world.

A PoBoy. Denny is eating it. Awesome food everywhere!

These teenage boys put on quite a show on Bourbon Street.

We ate a delicious shrimp dinner on this balcony and watched Bourbon Street come alive.

And alive it came. Complete with lifting up shirts...

Denny ripped up the dance floor. Boy, can he dance!

Denny and I at Jackson Square. The weather was beautiful, as you can see. Later that afternoon, the weather and I went south.

Cemetaries are facinating with above ground tombs.

Just one of the the mansions in the Garden District.

I know this is out of order but I wanted to include it. On our way to New Orleans, we stopped at the Baton Rouge Temple. Neat setting.

Not the hot tub at the Marriott! This is a Jackson Mississippi hot tub! I loved it because of the No Diving sign. Like right! Dana Carvey, where are you?

In case you're wondering why we went north, we wanted to go to Vicksburg and a great Civil War site. We'll drive out of our way to see cool things (our new motto).
Having a blast in Mississippi!


  1. How fun (except for you being sick). New Orleans is one of my favorite cities. You just cannot beat the people there and the cultural experience.

  2. Hey Mom. Sorry you got sick! That's the worst. I hope you're feeling better now.

    I've been checking your blog every hour on the hour waiting for the New Orleans post. Worth the wait--especially the pics of Denny dancing and eating the po-boy. Those biscuits at Johnny's are crazy good.

    Get better soon. Love, JB

  3. SORRY WE GOT YOU SICK!!!!!!!! Here is what has been working for our kids in regaining their health:
    1) lay on the couch with a bucket and a blanket
    2) watch "Bolt" until your eyes glaze over
    3) ask loudly for another movie/glass of water/blankie/piece of toast until somebody swears at you
    4) repeat