Friday, May 29, 2009

Kennedy Space-Cases

We spent today at the Kennedy Space Center and it was fantastic. I will never miss watching a shuttle launch or return again, if I can help it! My phone was never far from my heart, stuffed in my bra to be sure I'd feel the vibrating ringer when Julia would call announcing our mission location. I got "the feeling" as we entered the IMAX. I'm not sure what I looked like as I jumped, fumbled in my shirt and finally answered. Julia simply said, "It didn't come!". There you have it. Keep your positive thinking active (Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, Australia, Tahiti). Ya'all have one last guess to add to the list above!

The entry. This was actually taken as we were leaving, in the rain!

The actual mission control.

Denny talked me into a 3 G's spinning F-14 simulator. I still feel sick.

The space shuttle you could actually go inside (that is, if you didn't feel nausiated.) Some people went in and said it was fantastic.

In the distance you can see a launch pad. Very cool.

The track where the "crawler" takes the shuttle and rockets from the hanger to the launch pad. It takes 8 hours at 1 mile per hour!

Tomorrow we'll make it Savannah Georgia, rain or shine. As Tammy Whillock would say, "Thanks for caring!"

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  1. Since we'll probably never make it that far south (or east), we're sure glad we get to "see" it through you. Key West looks beautiful (too warm, though). Our kids thought the Space Center was the best thing they saw in Florida.
    Sorry your mission call is in limbo--frustrating, to say the least. I'm now working in immunizations at the MTC--every Wednesday. Today we saw Tay graduate at the Marriot Center.
    Keep on having a blast!