Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today we did a whirlwind tour of Boston and we feel pretty good about it! How can you see Boston in a day, you ask? Just stick with us! We were told not to try to drive in Boston and this time we listened. We drove to Salem (20 miles to the north) parked, and took the train in. It was a great decision. We walked everywhere and had a great time. Tonight we're dead tired but Denny and I feel like today was as close to perfect as it gets. Could it be we're ready for the Amazing Race? NOT!

First stop was the Old North Church of Paul Revere fame.

Here he is.

One by land, two by sea...

Inside the church.

We took a tour through Paul Revere's home a few blocks from the church. It's not every day you get to go through a wooden house from the 1600's. Some of the furnishings were original to the Revere family.

We walked through town to get to the "Cheers" bar, where everyone knows your name! I had a Shirley Temple and it was perfect!

Tonight we're just across the border into Maine. Tomorrow we'll see the coastline all the way up to Bar Harbor. Did you know Freeport is the Land's End headquarters and the store is open 24 hours a day? We're FOR SURE stopping! The weather has turned cold (low 60's) and we've had rain parts of every day. We're due for some sunshine!


  1. You two make me tired just reading all you are doing each day. You must be taking pep pills. I'm totally impressed with your driving skills. Good for you! Your New York experience looked so ... New York! And now the very dense New England (dense foliage, that is). You really are having the trip of a lifetime. You'll be SO ready for Romania.
    Love ya. Janet

  2. Ditto what Sister Harmon said. I'm tired just thinking about all that driving/walking/sightseeing. You are awesome. Love, JB