Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Midwest, IOWA


When Denny called his family in Iowa to tell them we'd be coming through, the phones started ringing and before we knew it, there was a party planned. There's just nothing like a family picnic in the midwest. These are great people and we loved being with them, hearing old family stories, sharing pictures, and laughing our heads off. This was a Sunday afternoon we'll never forget!

Rolls, potato salad, deviled eggs, home bottled pickles and beets, baptism napkins!

...fried chicken, potatoes, beans!

Let the stories begin.

Denny's relatives all gathered for the picture.

Denny's mom is from a farming town in Moville, Iowa. There are still a number of aunts, uncles, and cousins in the area so of course, we're here enjoying visiting everyone. Today we visited La Vern and Marilyn in Denison and Uncle Chris on "The Farm" in Moville. We're staying in the beautiful home (on a 4,000 acre farm) of Ron and Sylvia Fischer. This countryside is beautiful and we've had quite the education on farming! Ask us anything about hogs! I only want to visit, I don't want to be one!

The farm where Denny's mom was born and Uncle Chris still lives.

Uncle Chris... Still on a tractor, after all these years.

Beautiful Iowa hills!

Uncle LaVerne from Denison, Iowa

The home of Ron and Sylvia Fischer close to Hinton, Iowa. We stayed in this beauty for 2 nights.
Ron and Denny. Ron is a hog farmer and land baron!
Ron's Cougar!

You absolutely cannot believe the smell I endured to take this picture!

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