Saturday, June 6, 2009

Off to the Big Apple

It's Saturday morning and we're off to NYC. We'll be staying with Annie Ditto's family and they will take us to the train to the big city after church tomorrow. All I can say is, "WE ARE SO OUT OF OUR LEAGUE!" We drew the Marriott Marquis in Time Square with Priceline and we're excited to be in the hub of things. All I know about New York is what I've learned from "Good Morning America"! We will have 3 nights there and we need your help with tips on getting around, what to see, what to miss etc. The following is a list of things we want to do. What do you think?

Broadway show
Manhattan Temple (Tues. 11am)
Ellis Island
Walk in Central Park
The Letterman Show
Empire State Bldg.
Eat a hot dog on the street
Eat New York Pizza
Have deli at Rupert's
Go to "Good Morning America" taping and hold a sign that says "Retirement Dream Trip--30 states in 2 months!" (We're open for your sign ideas!)

Since we'll be on the train, I'm not sure if I'll have my computer or leave it in Pennsylvania with the car. (The Marriott charges $15/day for internet). So, If you don't hear from us, we'll get back to you on Wednesday when we'll be off to Maine. Thanks for your input. We love and miss everyone. It's starting to get to us!


  1. Please come back and get me so I can come to Maine with you!!!!

  2. Hey, I'm not seeing you guys on GMA or Letterman! I'm still watching. Can't wait to hear all about it! Love, JB