Saturday, June 20, 2009

We "Go to the Ohio". Kirtland!

The Saints endured much religious persecution in New York until finally in 1829, Joseph Smith received a revelation to go to a more peaceful place, Kirtland, Ohio. This was our next stop and we enjoyed visiting the historic city and the Kirtland Temple. We especially loved the video at the visitors center which was based on the diary of Elizabeth Whitney.

This is the Kirtland Temple. We took a tour and loved it.

Next to the temple is an old cemetary. We found the grave of Joseph and Emma's twins buried in 1831.

The Church has done a fabulous job of restoring this little part of the city. The Whitney store is especially impressive and important to us as it was used as Church Headquarters from 1831 to 1837. Many great things happened here.

The Whitney Store.

Cute missionaries who took us around. Sisters Harmon and Frederickson! I especially loved Sister Harmon! JANET......!

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