Saturday, June 20, 2009

Nauvoo, The Beautiful

It was a long drive from Chicago to Nauvoo but we had two objectives; have some Annie's Custard and attend a session at the Nauvoo Temple. We accomplished both so it was well worth the drive! Annie's is owned Helen, the sister to a Spokane friend, Margaret Clinger. We have been hearing about frozen custard for years and finally, we're eating it! You can't go to Nauvoo without at least one stop at Annie's. We made two, within 5 hours!
We found a quaint motel and headed for "Sunset on the Mississippi", a variety show put on by senior missionaries and aided by some BYU singers and dancers. It was a riot! Lucky for us, the next show was a performance by the BYU Ballroom Dance Team on tour. It knocked our socks off! All this took place in an outdoor theatre, complete with mosquito's and fireflies, a touch of the Midwest! The next morning we went to the Nauvoo Temple. We loved it!

The "Sunset on the Mississippi" with the "Sunset Dancers"!

BYU Ballroom Dance Team

The BYU dancers.

Denny and Helen at Annie's.

Da-Bomb! Mine was the best...vanilla with fresh raspberries!

Such a cute place. We met a group of old Heritage Hall roommates on their 45th reunion. One is a neighbor of Susan and Dee Humpheries. Small world!

A new statue of Joseph and Hyrum on their last ride out of Nauvoo. It is directly west of the Temple.

The reason we drove to Nauvoo. It was worth it!

Denny Do Right, coming to the rescue!

We ran right into the most violent rainstorm of our lives. The wipers couldn't even keep up. I thought this looked like a brewing tornado. Luckily, it was only wind and rain and hail!

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