Saturday, June 13, 2009


Here we are doing our "Stop The Rain" Karate chops. Don't laugh. It worked!

As we drove deeper into Maine the clouds disappeared and for 2 days now, we've had the most gorgeous weather imaginable.
We decided to take the coast highway (Hwy 1) so we would be sure to see every nook and cranny of the small towns. This is a typical street as we passed though whatever town this is.

Our first stop was Kennebunkport, made famous by the Bush family. This is their estate and we stumbled upon it as we drove around. Actually a woman on a beach told us about George senior's
85th birthday party and we realized we were near the home when the Secret Service cars were putting up road blocks. Funny that we found ourselves with the other locals waiting for his skydiving jump! We caught it all on film! From this point we watched Barbara playing with their dog Millie on the front lawn. With binoculars we could see "W" and Laura and kids!

While we watched the Secret Service boats, we posed!
Then, the entire Bush family piled into this bus and headed for the Church lawn where George Sr. would land. "W" is sitting in the back.

Here he is, in all his 85 year old glory! We should all be so brave.

As we left Kennebunkport, I snapped a few more pictures of homes along the street.

Cool beach "cottages".

Jules, you would have loved this one...right on the beach.

We had a lobster roll in this little bay.

As promised, we stopped at L.L. Bean. Denny and I both bought items for our mission.

I have been having trouble trying to put space between these pictures so I will just have to "make do"! This is a bridge with an observation room on top. We went to the top and took the following photos:

Denny's binoculars are coming in handy today!

Next stop, a lobster pound (as they call it) restaurant. You order by choosing your live lobster and they cook it in the boiling pots you can see in the picture.

We chose 2 nice ones!

They are put into a net bag and lowered into the pot. You should hear them scream! (Just kidding--they don't scream!)

In 20 minutes, you have dinner!

We loved eating our Lobster outside in the sunshine!

This was our view! Just up the street is the road into Bar Harbor, our destination.

Acadia is a National Park and the crown jewel is Cadillac Mountain, the highest elevation along all the east coast. The views were spectacular, as you can see.

At the top of the world!

We stayed for sunset and it didn't disappoint!

Then, into the town of Bar Harbor to walk around and take it all in.
It has been a perfect day with perfect weather. We sat on a bench eating ice cream taking this scene in.

We got crazy and opted for a bed and breakfast tonight. The home is quaint and old and very Julia and Logan. Denny is showing the downward slope of our floor. Hope the breakfast is good!
Next stop, Palmyra, NY. I can feel the horses galloping!

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