Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Maine Bed and Breakfast Experience

This has been a trip of firsts. Certainly near the top of the list is that last night, for the first time, we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast. I admit, I was nervous. I like to be in control (just ask Denny) and there were many questions. What would it cost? How do you find a good one? Is it like staying at Aunt Edna's? Will the breakfast be good?

We decided that if we're ever going to experience a bed and breakfast, Maine is the place.

Read on...

The breakfast was fabulous. This is after we had fresh OJ and rich hot chocolate and Maine blueberry coffee cake. The crepes are filled with fresh strawberries!

We found this cute little farmhouse on our Garmin. We searched for something close to where we were, and drove right to it. The price was right!

We had an upstairs room with a quaint little bathroom. The shower curtain circled the tub and had a tendency to "suck in" as we showered. (we, as in singular!)

Then there was the floor. It sagged in every direction. The bed had blocks under the legs to level it! We felt like we were in a funny house at a carnival!

This little pond was right out our window, complete with paddle boats. We didn't use them. The croaking frogs added a "homey" touch to the night air.

Outside another window was this rope swing. We didn't use this either!

The jury is still out whether we will ever opt for a bed and breakfast experience again. When it was all said and done, we were at Aunt Edna's! Thanks Edna, for the great breakfast! We hope we didn't keep you up late with our laughter!

We drove nearly 565 miles today--all the way from Bar Harbor Maine to Syracuse NY, most of it in the rain. As the sky cleared, we were treated with this sunset. We are headed west, FINALLY! It feels so good! Tomorrow we'll be at one of my favorite places in the world, Palmyra, NY. We will start a new chapter of Church history sites. Denny is feeling sick as I write this. Maybe we drove too much today.


  1. If it makes you feel better, we got a gully-washer yesterday--cleared out the Oremfest for awhile. We'll have to learn your rain-stopping Karate chop. Pretty cool on the Bush family thing! We watched it on the news--didn't see you, though. Your pictures are fabulous.
    Now for the cherry on your great dessert trip.
    Love ya, Janet

  2. Sounds cool. I'm with you on the bed and breakfast. Give me a nondescript hotel room with a TV and a pool and I'm in hog heaven. Glad to hear you're finally headed out west to the promised land again. LOve, JB