Saturday, June 20, 2009


To honor our son-in-law Logan, who unlocked the code to our laptop, we visited a small town in Iowa with his name!
The rock of Logan

Logan...the giver of directions. based. of opportunity.

Logan...always a party! the money!

Logan...always observing. (Who's Herald?)

Logan...nothing mini about him.

...and finally, a hardware store named after him--fittingly named "Best".

For 6 days now, we have been laptop challenged. At one point along a long stretch of road in Ohio, we pulled off the highway to find a computer store and a nice hippie to get us up and running again. No go! The next day, we found a "Best Buy" and their "Geeks" couldn't crack the problem. Then I called Logan! After an hour of patient trial and error, he said. . .
"Start, accessories, system tools, system restore, choose date, ENTER!"

It was nothing short of a miracle and we're back in business! Logan, you are remarkable and WE LOVE YOU, not only for being Julia's wonderful husband, but for knowing how to help us with computer problems 2,000 miles away from home!